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Updated on Wednesday, January 10th, 2018 @ 3:40pm

What is the Knox County Safety Council?
Each Ohio Safety Council has the same goal: To increase safety awareness. But developing and maintaining a safe workplace is no easy task. That's why it must be a combined effort of local business and the community. The Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation Division of Safety and Hygiene sponsors more than 70 Safety Councils across the state, organized through chambers of commerce, trade and manufacturing associations and other safety-minded organizations. These Safety Councils provide their local communities with quality programs addressing occupational safety and health, workers' compensation and risk management education and information. They inform participants about new techniques, products and services, and provide a thorough knowledge of these services. The Knox County Chamber of Commerce established a local program in the 1970's.

Who can Join?
The program is open to any Knox County business.

How Can Our Business Join?
Becoming a member is simple. Just complete an application and mail or fax it to the Chamber.

Is there a Fee to Join?
There is no fee to join and no annual fees. The only cost to you is $12 per person per meeting to cover the cost of the breakfast provided.

Are there Incentives to Join?
Employers can earn a two percent discount on their annual premiums for meeting certain eligibility requirements and a two percent performance bonus for reducing either frequency or severity of on-the-job injuries. The discount and bonus are paid in the form of a rebate check presented at the October Safety Council meeting. Contact the Chamber office for complete details about this opportunity and learn about the requirements for the rebate.

What's Required of Safety Council Members?
In short, attendance at monthly meetings and submitting semi-annual reports. Your local Safety Council receives funds from the BWC to defray operating expenses and provide speakers. The amount received from the BWC is directly related to attendance and reporting. You'll be asked to sign in at every meeting.

When and Where are the Meetings Held?
Most meetings are held at 7:30 at the Glenn A. Gallagher Centre at The Ohio Eastern Star Home, 1451 Gambier Road in Mount Vernon. They are held on the 3rd Wednesday of each month. From time-to-time a local manufacturer will host a meeting which includes a tour of their facility.

Mental Health First Aid

Wednesday, January 17, 2018 at 7:30am- Glenn A Gallagher Center, Mental Health First Aid will be presented by Kay Spergell, Executive Director of Mental Health and Recovery for Licking and Knox County.  M. Kathryn (Kay) Spergel has thirty-eight plus years of public behavioral health care experience including expertise in administration and management; public policy development; evaluation and outcomes management; grant management; community collaborations and planning; education and...

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Workplace Wellness - Wednesday February 21, 2018- 7:30 am Glenn A Gallagher Center

Workplace Wellness will be presented on Wednesday, February 21, 2018-7:30 am at the Glenn A Gallagher Center. Who is the Worksite Wellness Team? Why was the team formed? What is our mission? Why implement an Employee Wellness Program? Enhanced recruitment and retention of healthy employees. Reduced healthcare costs. Decreased rates of illness and injuries. Reduced employee absenteeism. Improved employee relations and morale. Increased productivity. Worksite Wellness Team's Pilot Project...

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Glenn A Gallagher Center - Wednesday January 17, 2018- 7:30am Mental Health First Aid will be presented by Kay Spergel, Executive Director of Mental Health and Recovery for Licking and Knox County.
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